Decrypt iOS Apps. Introducing Fuze.

Fuze is the easiest way to decrypt any iOS application from the App Store.

Getting Started

Installation and usage at a glance

A jailbroken iPhone

Fuze requires a jailbroken iPhone to function properly. We recommend using the checkra1n jailbreak.

The checkra1n installation guide is available here.

Frida on your iPhone

Fuze also requires a valid installation of Frida on your iPhone. Again, the installation process is easy.

Start the Cydia iOS app and add the Frida repository by pressing Edit -> Add and entering the following url:

The official Frida installation guide is available here.

Additional dependencies

Fuze also requires that both libssh2 and usbmuxd be installed. These can be installed using Homebrew with the following commands.

brew install libssh2 brew install usbmuxd
Decrypting an app

With the above completed you can now attach your device via USB and launch Fuze. After a few moments Fuze should display the list of running and installed applications on your device.

Lastly, choose a target application and press Decrypt (⌘ + D)! 🎉


Your questions answered

Q: What is Fuze?

A: Fuze is a macOS application that allows anyone to easily decrypt native iOS applications from the App Store.

Q: What operating system(s) does Fuze support?

A: Fuze is only supported on macOS v10.14+

Q: How can I report bugs or provide feedback?

A: We encourage you to report bugs and your feedback using our public Github repository.

Known Issues

Bugs we're tracking ()

Generic error

There is a chance that the SSH connection becomes stale and Fuze must be restarted in order to function properly. We've found that this usually remedies any issues during connection and decryption.


Designed and Developed by

Cole Roberts
iOS Developer @colealan
Kevin Mitchell
iOS Developer @klmitchell212